Geraldo Prado Legal Consulting

A Law Firm with more than eight years of history prioritizing the advocacy of fundamental rights and guarantees


About Geraldo Prado

Geraldo Prado is a lawyer in Brazil and in Portugal, a former professor of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) and a visiting professor at the Autónoma University of Lisbon (Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa).

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Legal Consulting services

Legal Practices

Established in 2012, Geraldo Prado Legal Consulting Firm has expertise in both legal consulting and litigation, providing specialized legal solutions and a personalized and thoughtful service.

Criminal Procedural Law and Criminal Law

Consulting and litigation services in the criminal and criminal procedural law fields regarding preliminary investigations, information, indictments, and judicial orders.

Constitutional Law and International Human Rights Law

Consulting and litigation services for procedures pending before the Federal Supreme Court, related but not limited to concentrated control of constitutionality actions and intervention as amicus curiae in relevant cases, specially the ones in which fundamental rights are at stake. Legal services are also provided in relation to cases pending before Courts that are part of the international system of protection of the fundamental rights (ICHR-ECHR).

Economic, Corporate and Tax Criminal Law

Consulting and litigation legal practice in relation to antitrust felonies, to crimes against the tax order, the National Financial System, the stock market, the public administration and the environment.

Criminal Law Compliance

Consulting services regarding the clients’ compliance with the current Criminal legislation. Services such as: assistance in the development of programmes for the client’s compliance with the laws against money-laundering and corruption crimes and also elaboration of reports and legal opinions in order to reassure a behaviour in accordance to the Brazilian legislation and the best standards internationally recommended.

Administrative Sanctioning Law and misbehaviour by public servant

Consulting and litigation services regarding the Administrative Sanctioning Law and administrative corruption fields of study.

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